Mark X Deluxe Zoom Microscope

Mark X Deluxe Zoom Microscope

    Price: $549.25

    Code: SST-986

    Weight: 15.00 pounds

    Mark X Deluxe Zoom Microscope
    Delivers 7x to 45x continuous magnification with zoom. An extra wide field of 24mm view at 10x with clear and sharp images for detecting inclusions. Its optic head fully rotates 360 degrees. Featuring a superb set of illumination options: a bright 24 Watt overhead halogen bulb, an attached near-daylight fluorescent lightning fixture and a transmitted light. All three can be operated together or separately. Comes with eye guards, dust cover, and gem clip.


  • 10x to 45x magnification with zoom up to 90x with optional 20x eyepieces
  • Darkfield/Brightfield illumination with adjustable Iris Diaphragm
  • Stoneholder
  • Field of view 24mm at 10x, 7mm at 45x
  • Ship weight 15 lbs
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