Gemoro® Ultra Tester 3+

Gemoro® Ultra Tester 3+

    Price: $199.00

    Code: SST-92

    Weight: 1.00 pounds

    Gemoro® Ultra Tester 3+
    Identifies, detects and separates diamond from CZ and moissanite with white sapphire detection.

  • Glowing probe tip cone and LED bar graph with color identification and beep tone--GREEN=DIAMOND,
        BLUE=Moissanite and RED=Metal Contact.
  • Bright white LED illuminator light.
  • 3 NiMH rechargeable batteries & AC adapter/charger included.
  • Alkaline battery powered capability.
  • Gemoro UltraPro charging stand (sold separately)
  • Limited lifetime factory warranty.

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