Insta-Verifier Counterfeit Detector

Insta-Verifier Counterfeit Detector

    Price: $62.00

    Code: SST-8802

    Weight: 1.25 pounds

    Insta-Verifier Counterfeit Detector
    AccuBanker Counterfeit Detector (LED430)

    The LED430 is built with the most advanced LED technology, long-lasting super bright UV and white LEDs.

    This compact and easy-to-use unit protects the user against counterfeit using five integrated detection methods: ultraviolet, magnetic, watermark, size, and micro printing detection. These powerful tools are able to verify the security features on bills, credit card, driver’s licenses, passports and other documents for all countries.

    • Reads USD
    • DE powered device that helps reduce costs of electricity
    • LEDs power off automatically
    • Three-year factory warranty