Presidium® Refractive Index Meter II (PRIMII)

Presidium® Refractive Index Meter II (PRIMII)

    Price: $279.00

    Code: SST-724

    Weight: 0.50 pounds

    Presidium® Refractive Index Meter II (PRIMII)
    This digital refractometer has the ability to measure the range of RI value from 1.000 to ~3.000, covering the most common gemstones on the market including diamonds and moissanite. No RI liquid needed. The new software enables the user to further narrow the list of possible colored gemstones by entering known values such as color, hardness and specific gravity value.

    • Identifies diamonds, moissanites and gemstones instantly.
    • Narrow the selection of the possible gemstones through values such as via R.I., color, hardness
       and S.G. Contains 57 Gemstone properties.
    • Tests on transparent gemstones, with flat polished surface.
    • Ideal for separation of gemstones
    • Speed up on the identification of gemstones in parcel.
    • Consistent and reliable results every time.
    • Power: 9V batteries or AC adapter (optional)
    • Weight: 0.50 lbs
    • One year factory warranty

    Presidium Refractive Index Meter II Handbook

    Presidium Digital GEM Refractometer Videos:

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