Gemlogis Belize

Gemlogis Belize

    Price: $999.00

    Code: SST-685

    Weight: 4.00 pounds

    Gemlogis Belize

    DIFFERENTIATES  between Earth Mined & Type IIa/CVD/HPHT Diamonds, Simulant & Moissanite!

    A portable diamond verification instrument for loose and mounted stones. Design to separate 
    natural diamonds  from synthetic diamonds and diamond simulants with its double probe tip 
    testing method by depressing the  probe tip 90 degrees perpendicular to the table of the 
    gemstone. If the test specimen is not moissanite,  diamond, or synthetic diamond a reading of 
    simulant is indicated. When the specimen is moissanite,  diamond, or synthetic diamond the user 
    will be prompted to perform test II.

    Stone Testing Capability:

    •  Weight–0.02 ct +
    •  Size–1.50mm +
    •  Color–D-J
    •  Shape–All
    •  Diamond Simulants–Yes
    •  Mounted Stone–Yes (not yet ASSURE tested)

    *Link to Belize Assure Tested Certification