Gemlogis Bleu Colorstone Referential Meter

Gemlogis Bleu Colorstone Referential Meter

    Price: $179.00

    Code: SST-681

    Weight: 1.00 pounds

    Gemlogis Bleu Colorstone Referential Meter
    The Gemlogis BLEU is designed to further expand the readings of simulant gemstones. It features a 3.5” Touch LCD screen to display up to 30 types of color gemstones, including diamond and moissanite. A digital color panel is designed for the user to select the color of the gemstone to give a more definitive indication about the type of gemstone. BLEU must work in-conjunction with the Gemlogis BELIZE or MANTIS via wireless connection.


    • Touch screen LCD display (No needle indicator required)
    • Able to display more stone types compared to a static dial face with limited space
    • Further segregate stone types by color selection
    • Infrared communication to CIEL ONE or MANTIS
    • Foolproof test disc for Diamond, Simulant and Glass
    • Two year warranty