Alfa Mirage Precious Metal Tester GKS-300

Alfa Mirage Precious Metal Tester GKS-300

    Price: $1,749.95

    Code: SST-4502

    Weight: 16.00 pounds

    Alfa Mirage Precious Metal Tester GKS-300
    Easily determine the purity of gold , platinum, silver and white gold by measuring the specific gravity (purity % is displayed at the same time with purity K(PT). No acid, needles, or test stones needed. No more stains and scratches left on your gold after testing. Also functions as a normal gram scale or densimeter.


    • Wide karat display from 9K to 24K (gold, platinum, silver, white gold, density and precentages of purity.
    • Measuring range: 0.001-300g / Min. weight: 2g
    • Easy viewing with VFD display
    • Selectable measuring time (5 modes)
    • Calculative error tolerance value can be shown (SG)
    • Wind shield equipped
    • Dimensions: 9" X 9.45" X 9.45"
    • One Year Warranty
    • Made in Japan

    Gold Testers are not returnable once used. All gold testers are handled directly through the manufacturer's warranty.