ARBE 25 Amp Plating Machine

ARBE 25 Amp Plating Machine

    Price: $399.95

    Code: SST-2512

    Weight: 16.00 pounds

    ARBE 25 Amp Plating Machine
    This powerful 25 amp rectifier will electro strip, electro plate, electro clean and electro form to the highest quality standards.

    Great for high production plating.

    Very heavy duty steel body with precise voltage and amperage meters.

    Cathode and anode leads included. Output: DC 0-13 volts (adjustable) and DC 0-25 AMPS.

    Unit standard 120-volt input (Available in 220 volts upon request).

    • Model #DPS-2512M
    • Industrial heavy duty transformer
    • Output current 99% filtered DC current
    • High quality insulated leads
    • 0-13v adjustable output
    • Made in the USA