Foredom® MAFH25 Filter Hood

Foredom® MAFH25 Filter Hood

    Price: $305.29

    Code: SST-1976

    Weight: 10.00 pounds

    Foredom® MAFH25 Filter Hood
    Designed for bench use in jewelry making to collect dust and large particles produced from light grinding and polishing.

    Can be placed anywhere on a bench top for use with flexible shaft handpiece, micromotor and other bench top tools.

    Filter hood offers strong suction power for removing particles of hazardous dust and reclaiming precious metals.


  • Hood made of powder coated, heavy gauge steel.
  • Removable water-tight metal tray
  • Clear polycarbonate shield
  • Goose neck LED light
  • Three filters; pleated, polyester and charcoal for easy change and ship out to a refiner.
  • Voltage selector switch for 110 or 220 Volt operation
  • Measures 7 1/2"H, 6" W and 12 3.4" D
  • Two-Year Factory Limited Warranty
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