Combo Rolling Mill

Combo Rolling Mill

    Price: $219.95

    Code: SST-1875

    Weight: 58.00 pounds

    Combo Rolling Mill
    Combination Rolling Mill With 5 Rollers

    This mill is economical but offers excellent quality. Well-machined, the rollers are tempered steel, polished to a mirror shine. Features two flat rollers, two wire rollers and a pattern roller with two different patterns. Gear ratio is 3:1 and wire rollers from 0.75 to 5mm. Rollers are simple to change for different applications.


    • Sheet Metal: Maximum 5 SWG guage (3.75mm)/ Minimum 26 SWG guage (0.45mm)
    • Wire: Maximum 5 SWG guage (0.45mm)/ Minimum 20 SWG guage
    • Shipping weight: 58lbs.