Gemoro® Testerossa™ Talking Tester

Gemoro® Testerossa™ Talking Tester

    Price: $249.00

    Code: SST-0770

    Weight: 1.00 pounds

    Gemoro® Testerossa™ Talking Tester
    Ultimate tester for diamond fraud protection with new enhanced moissanite testing technology for low conductivity stones. This tester has a sleek ergonomic shape that comfortably rests in your hand when held. Features a programmable multilingual talking function (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and more). Enhanced durability with a polycarbonate housing and rubber molded base for increased impact resistance if dropped. A fast 10-second warm-up time, and an auto-off function if accidentally left on. Gemoro test stone magnifier attachment and carrying case included.

    • Glowing light bar probe tip cone with color identification and beep tone
    GREEN=DIAMOND, BLUE=Moissanite, YELLOW=Sapphire and RED=Metal Alert
    • LED Stone illumination and UV fluorescence detection
    • Powered by micro USB or NiMH batteries
    • Multi-voltage AC adapter
    • Alkaline battery powered capability
    • Limited lifetime factory warranty on the unit
    • 10 year probe tip replacement warranty
    • Designed in the USA
    • Charging stand included