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 Lamp/Loupe/Magnify: Lights & Magnifiers

5x Magnifying Lamp

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SST-1200             $39.95

5x Magnifying Lamp

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SST-1201             $39.95

OTT Task Lamp
2x Magnifier

Ott task lamp 2x magnifier

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SST-4830         $59.95

Folding Diamond Light

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SST-5544            $21.95

Portable Diamond
Grading Light

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SST-5533            $75.95

Gemoro Horizon™
LED Natural Daylight Task Lamp

Gemoro Horizon LED Task Lamp

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SST-5549         $99.00

Magnifier Workbench

Magnifier Workbench Lamp

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SST-4832         $169.95

Arbe LED Jewelers
Task Lamp


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SST-290         $179.00

OTT Daylight Lamp

Ott daylight lamp black

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SST-4829         $49.95

Task Lamp

Ott Task Lamp

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SST-4831         $49.95

Carson MM-200
MicroMax LED


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SST-991             $15.95

Illuminated Magnifier

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SST-1044            $9.95

5x Handheld Lighted Magnifier

5x hand-held lighted magnifier

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SST-0540B         $17.95

Hand-Held LED Magnifier

3x hand-held magnifier

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SST-2603         $19.95

10X Light Loupe


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SST-1522             $32.95

Gemoro Radiant View™


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SST-2609             $49.95

Carson™ Lighted
Magnifying MM Gauge

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SST-989            $9.99

GemOro™ iView
LED Illuminated Magnifier

GemOro™ iView LED Illuminated Magnifier

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SST-2612         $19.95

Lighting Studio

Portable Lighting Studio

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SST-1218         $79.95

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